How to properly market on Reddit (and get over a million views)

  1. Quit my corporate job… (/r/getmotivated, 20k upvotes)
  2. /r/ama post 1 (11.9k upvotes)
  3. /r/ama post 2 (2.4k upvotes)
  4. i treated my girlfriend to a nice dinner… (/r/entrepreneur, 1.1k upvotes)
  5. PSA about cats…(/r/cats, 2.9k upvotes)
  6. My loft bed (/r/DIY, 1.7k upvotes)
My most upvoted post of all time. A picture of me holding a newspaper that I was featured in.
Over 1.5 million views on the above image.

1. Use your personal Reddit account.

Learn from my mistake and use a different username.

2. Pin your most popular / relevant posts to your profile.

  1. A post that people can read to get to know about you / your background.
  2. Your most popular post / any related posts.
  3. A post about something that you’re working on. (Not a direct link to your website / game)
My pinned posts on my profile.

3. Join all subreddits that are related to your personal interests. Become a member of the community.

  • Playing a video game? Join the subreddit.
  • Live in a popular city? Join their subreddit.
  • Love to cook? Join relevant cooking subreddits.
  • Watching a popular Netflix show? Join👏 the👏 subreddit👏

4. Use your free awards. They are free and unlimited.

Your free award to give out.

5. Read the subreddit rules. VERY IMPORTANT.

You don’t want your stuff getting deleted.

6. Post to the communities you’ve followed.

I have a folder dedicated to images or ideas of what I can post at any given time.
Official rules regarding self-promotion.
  • Post pictures of your cat to /r/cats. (or dog to /r/dogs)
  • Post a short review of your recent board game session with friends to /r/boardgames. Add some nice pictures.
  • Ask a question you’ve been pondering about to /r/nostupidquestions.
  • Post a picture of what you ate at that hip restaurant on /r/food.
  • Talk about your day in /r/casualconversation.

7. Carefully plan your promotional content.

  • Make sure that it’s relevant to the subreddit
  • Doesn’t break any posting rules
  • Is easily digestible at a glance

8. Reply to every single comment.

This is the exact type of comment we are trying to avoid.

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading! Want more tips?




I’ve made 2 board games. Welcome to Sysifus Corp at Love, Career & Magic at

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Wonmin Lee — Pegasus Games

Wonmin Lee — Pegasus Games

I’ve made 2 board games. Welcome to Sysifus Corp at Love, Career & Magic at

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