Your slogan matters

During playtesting sessions, a lot of people would tell me that they just left work and the last thing they want to do is play a game about work!

So I decided to spin the messaging on my game.

Instead of just calling it a “cut-throat corporate board game” I used the slogan “the closest you can get to stabbing your coworkers in the back.”

My two slogans during a street fair.

And the new slogans were an instant hit. By tapping into the unreleased rage that most people have towards their coworkers, I was able to instantly put a smile on peoples faces as they saw my game for the first time.

If I could go back in time and change my board game box, I’d do so in a heartbeat.

A promotional photo of my game box.

It doesn’t matter how dry or boring your theme might be, if you spin the messaging a certain way, then you will get people interested in the theme.

Here are some emails from recent customers who resonated with my theme:



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Wonmin Lee — Pegasus Games

Wonmin Lee — Pegasus Games

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