What to do when your Reddit post starts trending

My latest post on Reddit to go viral.

You need a link to your website in the comments ASAP

Ideally some random good samaritan would’ve already posted a link to your game in the comments. That’s great! Because the hard part is already done. Likely that comment is already receiving upvotes and views and you’re seeing huge traffic coming to your website.

Someone’s top rated comment on my Reddit post.

Get someone to post the link for you (not ideal)

Unfortunately, you’d have to resort to asking a friend to comment on your post. But the hard part is that they cannot be traced back to you in any way. So you have to fake it and make it seem as genuine as possible.

Reddit keeps track of how many times the link was shared. You don’t want to mess with the algorithm and trigger any rule breaking.

Who is the ideal user to comment?

The ideal user is someone who regularly posts in the niche subreddit that your product or game is about. In my case, it’s anyone who browses subreddits like /r/boardgames or /r/tabletopgamedesign.

What makes a good comment?

Get them to type a short comment and include the link to your website in the comments. Make sure that it doesn’t sound overly preachy or overly positive. Have a good balance of both positivity and negativity.

People can tell when you are being overly positive.
Make sure to add a good balance of feedback.

Give the “Starry Award” to the comment

Once you have the comment and it’s received a decent amount of upvotes, you need to make sure that everyone who sees your post, will see the comment. The best way to make sure it doesn’t get buried in a sea of other comments is to give it an award.

What a comment looks like with the Starry Award
Make sure to make the gift anonymous!

Reply to every single comment!

Now is your moment to shine! Everyone is looking at you and your post. They are going to your website and poking around. They are asking you questions and making jokes / memes / comments.

What NOT to do when your Reddit post starts trending

Want to know what NOT to do? I wrote an article about that here!

Thanks for reading! Want more tips?

This article is part of a series of marketing tips that I wrote. If it helped you in any way, please let me know in the comments or by email at 1min@unicornwithwings.com! So many people have helped me on my journey and I’d love to pay it forward. No strings attached at all.



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