What NOT to do when your Reddit post starts trending

Don’t crosspost your post everywhere

Inevitably you will get some comments that say “oh you should totally crosspost this to /r/randomsub!” and those comments are great! Because it means that your story and your post is resonating with users. If you crosspost it a bunch of times then it’ll look like you’re trying to promote your game instead of telling a story.

My post history. Not a single “promotional” post is next to each other. At a glance I look just like a regular Redditor. I am a regular Reddit user who happens to have a website. Not a website with a Reddit account.

Keep the links to your website at a minimum.

So if you’ve followed the tips in my other post, then you should have a link to your website in your comments. However, since a lot of Redditors don’t browse the comments section they will just see your post and ask you for the website link.

Someone got banned on /r/pics for posting too many links to their website. Learn from their mistakes!

Don’t upvote your own post on multiple accounts

This should be a no-brainer but I think is important enough to bear emphasizing.

Don’t use your accounts to upvote on the same posts.

Don’t ask for upvotes from friends (via text)

Reddit knows how many times the link was shared. It keeps track of all of that. So when you copy + paste the link from your browser and send it to your friends, it knows.

Reddit keeps track of how many times the post was shared.

Thanks for reading! Want more tips?

This article is part of a series of marketing tips that I wrote. If it helped you in any way, please let me know in the comments or by email at 1min@unicornwithwings.com! So many people have helped me on my journey and I’d love to pay it forward. No strings attached at all.



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