How I used LinkedIn to promote my cut-throat corporate board game

Wonmin Lee — Pegasus Games
3 min readJun 9, 2022


I made a board game called Welcome to Sysifus Corp. It was loosely based on my own experiences working at a giant corporation. When I first started out marketing for it, I had no idea how to get people interested in a corporate board game.

I thought I was doomed to fail and would never manage to sell a single copy because of the incredibly dry theme I chose for my game.

No matter your theme, someone out there will care.

Here are some ways I used LinkedIn to market my cut-throat corporate board game.

I posted about stabbing your coworkers on my LinkedIn feed

Did you know LinkedIn has a newsfeed? I don’t really use it but taking a quick look at it, it seems like it’s mostly people congratulating each other on work-related wins. I have a work-related win—why shouldn’t I post about it?

Maybe some of my old colleagues might get a kick out of it?

The post I made on my LinkedIn page.

And within minutes, I saw the likes and comments flooding in. Even my old managers from my previous corporate job chimed in!

My ex-managers from my old corporate life.

People were having fun in the comments.

Funny little comment from a colleague.

I updated my profile to include my cut-throat board game

This one kinda speaks for itself. I added a small blurb about myself under my name and wrote a few lines in the “about” section.

My LinkedIn profile.

People started sharing my story!

I thought it was crazy how I literally made a board game about stabbing your coworkers in the back but the LinkedIn community ate it up.

Someone who posted about me being in the newspaper.
An old colleague sharing my story.

So it just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter what crazy small niche your board game might be about. It doesn’t matter if it’s not mainstream or popular. If the theme resonated to you, then chances are, there are more people out there who will also resonate with your theme.

I will end this article with my absolute all time favorite email from a customer.

Thank you so much.

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