How I got 300 followers on Kickstarter using free stickers

The free stickers I gave out.

I gained over 300 Kickstarter followers and over 1,000 emails from this tactic.

I printed a few thousand stickers of my characters and decided to give them out for free on my website in exchange for three things.

  1. An email newsletter sign up.
  2. A Kickstarter pre-launch page follow.
  3. A social media post (aka a signal boost).

Where did I post the signup link?

You can see the website here where you can sign up.

The best times to post on /r/freebies in EST.
The best times to post on /r/freestickers in EST.

So, how good are these leads?

Obviously you will get a lot of people who only signed up to your list for the free stickers. These are the people you want to avoid as much as possible. And when they do sign up, make sure that they at least made a post on their social media so that other people who may actually be interested in the game might discover you and sign up.

A segment for sticker subscribers who have opened any of my last 5 email campaigns.

How much did this cost? What’s the ROI?

I’ve sent out stickers to around 1000 people. Here are the breakdown of the costs (not including my labor obviously, although I really should include that).

  1. $0.58 a stamp (domestic only)
  2. ~$0.10 an envelope
  3. ~$0.01 a label
  4. ~$1.50 for three stickers (your mileage may vary here)

Some intangible benefits

Despite the large costs and the relatively low percentage of “good” leads, I am very happy with the results of this campaign. Yeah it could’ve been better but I think you also have to consider some of the intangible benefits—

Bizz Hagglefeet, a goblin banker

Thanks for reading! Want more tips?

This article is part of a series of marketing tips that I wrote. If it helped you in any way, please let me know in the comments or by email at! So many people have helped me on my journey and I’d love to pay it forward. No strings attached at all.



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