How my deleted Reddit post got me on the newspaper (twice)

The photo in question. Shout-out to Gamestoria!
One of the top comments in the thread.
The Reddit hug of death.
A wild email appears!

The first newspaper article (Washington Post)

So as luck would have it, my Reddit post got enough traction that it caught the attention of a freelance writer for major newspapers. A phone call interview and a photoshoot later, I was featured in the Washington Post as part of their “people who quit corporate jobs to pursue their dreams” article.

Getting my picture taken by the Washington Post photographer.
I’ve never been in a newspaper before!
Buying a copy of the newspaper at a newsstand.

The second newspaper article (NY Post)

Just when I thought everything was over, I received a mysterious Instagram DM. It was a few days after the article was published. I was half-asleep and thought that the message was spam.

A wild Instagram DM appears!
A picture of the photographer taking a photo of the photographer taking a photo of me.
A screenshot of the article.

So what’s the lesson here?

I guess the lesson is to keep your head up when marketing your game. You never know who is out there reading your story. I know very well how some days can feel like you are just shouting into the dark empty void of the internet with absolutely zero feedback on if you’re doing well or not.

This ones for all the game developers out there trying to market themselves.

Thanks for reading! Want more tips?

This article is part of a series of marketing tips that I wrote. If it helped you in any way, please let me know in the comments or by email at! So many people have helped me on my journey and I’d love to pay it forward. No strings attached at all.



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