5 Things you need before your next in-person board game event (from a marketing perspective)

I sold my board games at a local holiday street market. My family came out to support me 😆

1 — A QR code (preferably multiple)

Make sure to distinguish all your QR codes!

2—Business cards

I went to my first event without any business cards. You wouldn’t believe how many people asked me for a card at that event. I went straight home and had some made that very night.

The business cards I use for my cut-throat corporate board game, Welcome to Sysifus Corp

3—Have something eye-catching

I’ll let the photos here speak for themselves.

I am not actually stabbed in the back.
Everyone that walked by and read my slogan laughed. Most stopped by to chat. Some even took photos!

4—Offer something for free

I offered free stickers from my upcoming card game to anyone who wanted them. Inside each of the envelopes were three stickers and a small thank you note with a link to the website and a QR code that pointed to the website.

5—A helper

This might seem super obvious but having someone help you is tremendously important.

  1. Got me food / water.
  2. Took photos of the event outside of my booth/area.
  3. Took photos of me interacting with other people. (Important for marketing after the event)
  4. Help tend to the booth while I’m in the bathroom.
  5. Secure spots during busy times.
A picture of me and my girlfriend at PAX Unplugged 2021. Thank you Lahee 🥺

Thanks for reading! Want more tips?

This article is part of a series of marketing tips that I wrote. If it helped you in any way, please let me know in the comments or by email at 1min@unicornwithwings.com! So many people have helped me on my journey and I’d love to pay it forward. No strings attached at all.



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Wonmin Lee — Pegasus Games

Wonmin Lee — Pegasus Games

I made two games: Welcome to Sysifus corp (sysifuscorp.com) and Love, Career & Magic (lovecareermagic.com)